Personal Dynamic Media

It’s hard to imagine how insightful Kay and Goldberg were as I read this article.  The technology that they describe is now ubiquitous and more capable than either could have imagined.  To really appreciate their vision, I have to try to put myself back into the 70’s.  Personal computers were a novelty.  Timeshared mainframes were king.  GUI’s didn’t exist for most people. There was no networking to speak of. They even anticipated sound.  Amazing.

On a side note, I had a student who graduated in the late 90’s and worked at a local firm that specialized in automated sorting for agricultural applications–Key Technology.  They do a lot of interesting R&D in computer vision.  According to this student, many of Key’s internal computer programs were written in Smalltalk.  For all I know, they still use it in house over there.


~ by wallablogga on March 5, 2012.

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